Hello world!

Hello friends, family, online stalkers, and everyone else! This is me. Sort of.

Assorted Information:

  • Short summary:
    Geek, California native born and raised, former startup marketer and business consultant, developer and designer, composer and political junkie.

  • Interesting and/or odd facts about me:
    • I collect fortune cookie fortunes.
    • Related to everyone in this painting by A.F. Tait (circa 1850).
    • Learned first-hand that when someone from a former communist country starts pouring you shots of vodka and sharing stories of their fight for freedom, it usually means you’re now part of their family. It’s an honor. It also means you’ll be really, really, REALLY drunk in a couple hours.
    • I’ve worked for companies whose management didn’t think Dilbert comics were funny (long before Scott Adams became not funny). I don’t work for companies like that anymore.
    • I used to think I was indecisive, but now I’m not so sure.
Thanks for visiting! Contact me with any questions.
Thomas Krafft
Thomas W. Krafft