To Dad, With Love

Tom (Thomas Henry) Krafft

September 14, 1932 – July 9, 2013

Thank you.

From me (Tom “Jr.”) and the rest of our family, please just know how deeply we appreciated seeing you at the memorial services, and we thank you all for your kind words and support.

Here is the link again to the online memorial, obituary, and guest book provided for dad’s service by Custer-Christiansen:

We invite you to make donations to the City of Hope. They helped give our family and others more than a year we wouldn’t have had otherwise. We’re so thankful for their service and dedication to cancer research.

In Memoriam:

  • A few days after dad passed, I sat down and just started typing. Writing often helps me clear my head of everything swirling around in it. After a few hours, I ended up with a 14 page biography and my own perspective on the life of my father, “My Father’s Son” which I’m happy to share here.
  • We have a creative family, and I’ve played and composed for piano since I was a kid. Many years ago, I had a sudden realization of just how much I’d miss dad if he actually weren’t around anymore – which was the inspiration for this piano piece titled “Goodbye,” composed more than two decades ago. I’m glad he had a chance to hear it.

  • And here’s the first draft of a slideshow for all the photos we collected for the service. After using all the default settings and exporting everything from iPhoto, I realized the movie included a song dad really loved. You can’t help but smile when you hear it. Here’s the link to the video on my YouTube channel, if you don’t see it embedded below.